Herbal Tea Benefits


Blue Vervain
Can help treat urinary tract infections, relieve pain, and reduce cramps. Helps soothe nerves for anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Used as a remedy for congestion and cold symptoms. A diuretic and detox your system. Stimulate milk production. Has antiinflammatory properties.

Burdock Root
Cleanses the blood, treats diabetes, and reduce sugar cravings. Excellent energy booster if tired or have cold or flu. High in vitamin B6 and magnesium. High in carbs and fiber. Low in sodium and loaded with antioxidants. Natural diuretic and protects bones. Tones and strengthens intestines.

Cascara Sagrada
Natural laxative. Do not consume daily. Induces bowel movement within 8-12 hours. High water intake allows you to have 3-6 bowel movements per day. Although it is nourishing to the liver, it can cause dehydration. To avoid becoming dependent, only take while detoxing.

Reduces diabetic complications and hyperglycemia. Boosts the immune system to fight infections associated with colds. Relieves muscle spasms and menstrual cramps in women. Stress relief that will relax your nerves. Reduces inflammation and soothes the stomach. It is a sedative and helps to promote restful sleep. Helps relieve back pain and rheumatoid arthritis. Improves liver function.

Avoids bloating and aids indigestion. Boosts immune system, provides relief from headaches, inflammation, and pain, protects liver against infections. Beneficial in preserving bone density. Helps in controlling blood sugar levels. Rich in anti-cancer and anti-mutagenic properties. Fights tooth pain, aids in treating gum disease like gingivitis and periodontitis.

Dandelion Root
Aids in weight loss, anti-inflammatory, adrenal & system healing. Bone health, cancer fighter, and facilitate digestion. Fights anemia, kidney & liver cleanse. Lowers bad cholesterol, blood pressure & sugar. Mood enhancer, natural laxative & diuretic. Skin health, treat arthritis, eczema & psoriasis.

Aids in respiratory system & sinus infection, allergies, fights cold & flu, healthy skin, heart health, immune booster, lowers blood sugar and a natural laxative.

Fever Grass

Natural herb also known as Lemon Grass. Ancient remedy used in Jamaica to soothe pain. It is commonly used to reduce fever and other symptoms associated with Covid. Reduces cholesterol and treats numerous skin conditions.

Heals wounds, improves digestion, and promotes perspiration. Promotes healthy respiratory system, and perspiration. Relieves migraine and pain, reduces inflammation, expel phlegm, and kills bacteria. Assist with anemia, epilepsy, high blood pressure, eczema and many other.

Lady Mantle
“Woman’s herb” known to treat women diseases. Relieves menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, regulates the menstrual flow and relieves the pain. Can tone and dry the womb. Assist the uterus after birth to regain its strength and shape. Treats bites and stings from insects. It has a delicious taste like green tea.

Anti-dandruff and clears sinuses. Anxiety and stress relief, insomnia treatment. Can be used as deodorant and/or perfume. Relieves migraines, muscle pain and menstrual cramps. Bug repellent and insect bites. Acne treatment and dry skin moisturizer, great for eczema.

Natural herb that’s commonly used to relieve fluid retention. Treat respiratory illnesses such as tuberculosis and Covid. Used to heal stomach and intestinal ailments, and kidney and urinary tract problems, male prostate. Beneficial for “Men ONLY” to help nourish the prostate gland. Anti-inflammatory properties and can stop the growth of bacteria. It has a mild diuretic effect.

Helps detox the lungs from tar, mucus, and phlegm. Makes your cough more productive and bring up mucus that’s settled in the chest or throat. It opens airways, fights asthma and lung issues. Relieves muscle cramps, pain, spasms, and stress. Excellent for anxiety, fatigue, headaches, and nervous disorder.

Assist with bronchitis and gout. Promotes pain free muscles & joints. Balances blood sugar levels. Destroys parasites and supports kidneys. Act as a natural diuretic & decongestant superfood. Helps menopause and promotes a healthy prostate. Improves skin conditions and keeps hair healthy. Relieves symptoms of urinary tract infections. Heals insect bites.

Strengthens and tones the uterine muscles. Promotes pain free menstrual cramps. Beneficial in regulating menstrual cycles. Helps in production of milk in lactating mothers. Relieves nausea in pregnant women. Strengthens contractions during labor, decreases duration of labor, decreases incidence of interventions during labor & delivery. Aids in reducing wrinkles and age spots.

Excellent source of vitamin K helps maintain strong bones and blood clotting. Helps lower cholesterol which reduces the risk for heart attacks. Aides in weight loss and burn body fat. Assist in preventing constipation. Improves blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol. Keeps skin looking healthy and youthful. May reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

Calms central nervous system. Gives you energy; it is the spark plug of the body. Great cleanser. Highest concentrated plant for iron. Minutes after taking the herb, you will reap the benefits. Protects liver from damage. Effective in treating gout, high blood pressure & high cholesterol.

The leaves of soursop are 1000 times stronger at killing cancer cells than chemotherapy. Treats & prevents cancer by only killing the abnormally growing cells and do not affect the normal cells. Highly nutritional. Gets rid of head lice & eradicates bed bugs from the home. Effective cure for insomnia. Treats skin disorders like eczema. Treat kidney problems, gall bladder problems, fever, coughs, & vomiting. Great first aid for wounds and fainting. Used as compression for various inflammations & swollen feet.

Yellow Dock Root
Cleanses the blood and strengthens the body to help with anemia. Anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory. Treats psoriasis, acne, liver, fever, diarrhea, bronchitis, arthritis, rheumatism, and menstrual pain. Can help the detoxification process by simulating urination which can help eliminate toxins. Can reduce oxidative stress which helps with cancer.

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