Vegetable Benefits


Cancer prevention, high in oxidants, supports immune system, high in vitamin C, A, and K, fights common
colds, eye health, rich in minerals, weight loss, and promote bone health.

Is plant blood made with green pigment found alkaline plants and algae, and almost identical to our own blood.
Chlorophyll cleanses the blood, bowels, binds heavy metals, and helps remove toxins from the body. It is an
organ cleanser that furnishes iron to the organs. Helps to cleanse the liver, increases red blood cell count,
oxygenates, and alkalizes the blood. It is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cancer protective, helps fight
disease and strengthens immunity. Will assist our body to heal faster from wounds and illnesses.

This healing plant removes heavy metals that are severely harmful to the human body. Symptoms of heavy
metal toxicity include abdominal pain, burning of the mouth & throat, depression, fatigue, headaches,
irritability, low blood pressure, moodiness, muscle spasms, nausea, and vomiting.

Rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin C. Great for eyes, high in iron, rich in calcium, and strengthens the immune

Breaks up kidney and bladder stones. Improves nutrient absorption, fights infection and viruses. High iodine
content, removes phlegm, and improves skin. Watercress is good for the heart, purifies blood, anti-cancer and

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