Immune Benefits


One of the most powerful herbs to introduce to your body. It aids digestion/weight loss, anti-fungal and
antiseptic properties, detoxifies the body, headache/migraine prevention, heart health, helps produce saliva,
joint and pain reliever, prevents blood clots, and wards off flu/colds. Cayenne pepper boost circulation and
increases heart action which can stop heart attack within 30 seconds.

Aids in respiratory system & sinus infection, allergies, fights cold & flu, healthy skin, heart health, immune
booster, lowers blood sugar and a natural laxative.
GINGER JUICE A great natural remedy and has the ability to restore the human body from a host of ailments
included but not limited to; anti-inflammatory/antioxidant, arthritis, asthma, boost up metabolism which can
lead to weight loss, eliminate toxins, increases circulation, lowers/regulates blood pressure, menstrual cramp
relief, prevents colds/flu, relieves constipation, treats migraines, and it has a great source of vitamin C.
ATTENTION: Ginger THINS the blood, please consult your doctor if you are taking any blood thinners!

Aids in digestion, affects immune response, and contains ample amount of protein. It decreases anxiety,
hypertension, and stress. It also helps treat skin disorders and multiple sclerosis, keeps your heart healthy,
naturally balance hormones, and is rich in fatty acids.

A super food that provides remarkable nutrition which supports the immune system, dissolves mucus, and fights
infections. It boosts your metabolism, controls appetite, eases joint pain, and soothes the digestive tract. Sea
Moss has “92 of the 102” minerals that the body needs. It also helps to build strong bones because Sea Moss is a
“Calcium Powerhouse.” It has nutrients that are vital for the human body that can increase sex drive, stamina,
and uplift your mood.

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